What is a Freeform?

Freeforms are similar to Murder Mystery parties - but you commit the murder yourself. Freeforms are a little like plays - but without a script or audience. Freeforms are rather like roleplaying games - but lack the tables, dice and have many, many more players.

On the other hand, SFC Press described freeforms as "an interactive social game in which you assume the identity of a character and try to accomplish goals by talking with other players and using simple game systems to handle such things as combat, romance, etc."

You know, it's a lot easier to play in a freeform than it is to explain one.

Here's Mo's take on what we mean by "freeform".

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Weekend Freeforms

Weekend freeforms are often regarded as the best freeforming has to offer. Here's the list: weekend freeforms.

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