1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubiliee

Banners of adoration bedeck every building in every street in Britain: from London’s smoke-grimed factories and great civic monuments, to the thatched cottages clustering around a thousand village greens. The pavements throng with joyous crowds, as the happy people cheer the 60th year of Her Majesty Queen Victoria's reign, her Diamond Jubilee. Loyal subjects in every corner of the British Empire, from India to the Cape Colony, from Hong Kong to Jamaica, as well as many friendly foreign citizens around the world, celebrate this unique occasion.

The great and the good, the powerful and the wealthy, the famous and the notorious. All are converging on the heart of the Empire as the celebrations reach their climax.

Just as the sun never sets on the British Empire, so the radiance of Her Majesty casts its warm glow on her contented peoples. Yet, remarkably, there are also those who do not feel Victoria’s beneficence. These are the not-so-loyal subjects: the malcontents and troublemakers, the nefarious spies and mad scientists, the strange occultists, and the dastardly criminals. They too are setting their sights on the heart of the Empire. But celebrating the Jubilee is the last thing they have in mind…

Basic Information

  • Number of players: Around 65 (expanded for the 2008 UK run)
  • Setting: London, 1897
  • Time to run: Weekend (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday Morning)
  • Space Requirements: Very Large room, Large Room and Two Medium Rooms
  • Authors: Villians by Necessity
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