More than two years ago you, whilst briefly institutionalized, made new friends at a group therapy session. You all kept in contact after your release, but tragedy struck on a group trip away a year ago.

A year after the tragic fire, you and your fellow survivors have returned to commemorate those you lost, face up to what happened and hopefully find peace. However, all you believed may not be true and you will have to make decisions affecting not only your own life but your friends’ as well.

This game contains themes of mental health issues, drug use, bereavement and a woman's right to choose. It is emotionally intense and we strongly recommend you consider how these might affect you before signing up for the game. None of the writing team are mental health professionals and we claim no accuracy on any mental health issues portrayed.

The game consists of three scenes; scenes 1 and 2 are relatively short and are designed to introduce characters to one another and establish the relationships before scene 3 which will be the main bulk of the game.

A freeform for 8 players.

Written by Graham Charles, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd and Tony Mitton.


Reviewer: [[CJR]]
GM: Nick Curd, Natalie Curd, Tony Mitton
Venue: Consequences 2014
Game played: 2014, Second Run
Participants: 8
My experience: This game starts strongly, and builds well, using clever staging effects to really build atmosphere. I can't say too much without giving the plot away - but breaking the classic unity of time and place and moving outside the boundaries of the initial play area is fantastic, as was the handling of the attempts to escape from the play area later in the game - wandering in the mist so much more satisfying than being told "it's locked, you can't leave". The use of props and set is marvelous. The ending is about choices, and was for me the weakest part of the game - it felt anticlimatic, and lost the energy that had been building, because while there may be some Jamesian ambiguity in what really happened it came at the end of an exhausting piece of emotion laden gaming. I'm not sure it is a "horror game that feels horrific" - I think the themes and genre may be different to horror - but it is a marvelous, beautifully constructed and really well run game that is innovative and original, and not in the usual directions trailblazed by Nordic larps. Inspirational.

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