Brothers In Arms

The year is 1953, Dolores Day rides high in the Box Office, Nate King Cole croons his way onto the radio. And American GIs plus international forces are fighting the gooks in Korea.

In the 3066th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, set back from the front, moments of terror are interspersed with days of boredom waiting for the wounded troops to arrive. Young people with a great deal of time on their hands keep themselves occupied via practical jokes, silly rivalries and blooming romances. But underneath is a serious side - there is a war on. Laughing in the face of death is essential because without a taste for gallows' humour maybe nobody will make it home at all….

A freeform for 12 players inspired by M*A*S*H

written by Nickey Barnard, Phillippa Dall, Tony Mitton, Alison Ryder Hill, Natalie Spindler.

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