Burning Orchid

Set in 1932 at the party celebrating the wrap of location filming for a Hollywood movie. Burning Orchid is an immense blockbuster, detailing the passionate heart of a claustrophobic forbidden love story set in the jungle villages of Guatemala against a background of a country riven by political turmoil. And that’s not just the movie! Glamorous cast, intense emotions, a steamy situation, secrets past and present – who knows what might happen, but fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.

By Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill

A freeform for 10 players.

Cast List

Phillip Q Simmonds - The Director

Sylvia Simmonds - The Leading Lady

Walter Marshall - The Leading Man

Lillian West - The Character Actress

George Raymond - The Up-and-Coming Actor

Judy Gardner - The Starlet

Brett Carlyle - The Screenwriter

Father Williams - Local Priest, Advisor to the Movie

Elizabeth Vanderbilt - The Investor

Alice Vickers - The Publicist

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