CJR played in his first freeform at the excellent Fallcon in 2000, but had already written one based one the old wargames style "committee games" by then. Despite legendary bad luck, frequent illness and a rather surreal life he has since written several more games, which he is happy to offer to any interested party to run. In real life CJ is a parapsychologist (sort of academic ghosthunter) who writes for TV professionally and has written for many rpg supplements, but is most proud of his work on the Ars Magica line.

CJ's Freeforms

CJ has written the following freeforms as sole author:

CJ has also collaborated on several freeforms. He has written numerous LARPS, and some games like "Behind the Chalet" "Cops & Robbers" that blur the boundaries between the two. He was an author on the Cthulhu Live line with contributions to two books, and his best known LARP was the seven Cassandra 23 weekends that ran in Gloucestershire UK in 2000.

CJ hosts the annual Atlas Games/Ars Magica convention Grand Tribunal Europe that has run every year since 2007. Details at www.grandtribunal.org

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