Freeform Apps

Apps that might be fun to use in a freeform. Not apps that have been written for freeforms specifically, but other apps that might be of interest to freeform writers.


Enigma Simulator

This app turns your smartphone or tablet into an Enigma device (one of three models). With a couple of these apps you can sent undetectable settings to each other. You don’t even need to worry about “unauthorised” personal copies of the app being in the game, as the app is extremely configurable.

The photo to the right is the Android app. There are several iOS apps. I have no idea if they are all compatible with one another.

Silent Film Studio (for iPhone)

This app lets you create silent movies using your iPhone. In Tutankhamun: Evil under the Sun the movie people made short (2-3 minute) movies during the game that were then shown at the end.

The app is for iPhones, but there are similar Android apps.

Number Stations (website)

This site lets you create your own number station. You can even save the settings if you find one you like.


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