Freeform Games

Freeform Games LLP is a business that publishes and sells freeform murder mystery games.



(This is a partial list - there are more!)

  • A Dead Man's Chest - pirates in the Caribbean. For 12 to 16 players.
  • All at Sea - a cruise liner in the mid-Atlantic in 1914, just at the outbreak of the Great War. For 16 to 33 players.
  • Davy Jones' Locker - it's 1785 and the pirate Blackheart is dead! For 9 to 11 players.
  • Death on the Gambia - Pre WWII intrigue set aboard a river boat on the River Gambia in 1939. For 8 to 11 players.
  • Halloween Lies - a modern-day horror-movie post-award party. For 16 to 22 players.
  • Hollywood Lies - a post-award party in modern-day Tinseltown. For 16 to 22 players.
  • Pirate Island - a pirate-themed party for 6-24 kids aged 8 and up.
  • Way out West
  • Who Shot the Sheriff - a wild west murder mystery set in the Gold Nugget Saloon. For 12 to 15 players.


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