Come Hel or Hiawatha

Autumn has arrived in Vinland, and the Vikings of Clan Ragnar have been invited to a pow-wow by the Chikasaw tribe, on whose land they have been living for the past two seasons. Hard times are coming and even harder decisions need to be made.

A freeform for 12 players (3 female, 6 male, 3 neutral) by Nickey Barnard, Tym Norris, Mike Snowden and Janet Young.

Cast of Characters

Clan Ragnar

  • Ragnar Ragnarsson - Clan lord;
  • Erik the Grey - Elderly warrior;
  • Inge the Far-Sighted - Seer;
  • Gunnar - Young male;
  • Thorgot Skullbreaker – Berserker Warrior;
  • Elfrida - Farmer.

Chikasaw Tribe

  • Sahale - Chief;
  • Winona - Chief’s daughter;
  • Nahima - Shaman;
  • Hayata - Matron;
  • “Talks to Strangers”;
  • Hototo - Young man.
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