Halloween Lies

Halloween Lies is set at a post-award horror-movie party in modern day Hollywood. The game is filled with actors, directors, producers and other movie-types.

Halloween Lies is published by Freeform Games and is one of their freeform-style murder mystery games. It has been designed for people who don't normally play freeforms and contains full instructions for play.

Note - Hollywood Lies and Halloween Lies are the same game. While Hollywood Lies is set at a post-Oscar style event, Halloween Lies is horror-themed and concerns only horror movies.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 16 to 22
  • Setting: The post-award party for "The Vampire Detective", a successful modern-day horror movie. The star of The Vampire Detective, Tom Speed, died last night in a car crash. But was it foul play? You'll never guess…
  • Time to run: 4 hours (including setup and debrief - actual game lasts for about 2.5 hours)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Author: Steve Hatherley
  • Publisher: Freeform Games, price £25


Cast of Halloween Lies

  • Crystal Beech: Star of The Vampire Detective. Crystal won a SKelly (Best Actress) for her role as Millicent Nimitz, the victim’s wife. This is her first major role in a movie.
  • Detective Sandra Chase: One of Hollywood’s finest detectives, Detective Chase is well known to the movie community.
  • Sam Cortinelli: Sam Cortinelli is one of The Vampire Detective’s stunt doubles. Sam is rumoured to have "family" connections.
  • Mel Cutter: Mel is the author of “Cutter’s Comments”, a notorious newspaper column in the Hollywood News. In the column, Mel described The Vampire Detective as “limp and tired” and accused Tom Speed of “having all the presence of a fishbowl”. Mel is a regular feature at post-award parties.
  • Lou Dunlin: A respected Hollywood film director. Lou was the original director for The Vampire Detective, but was replaced by Anna d’Lessey during pre-production.
  • Anna d'Lessey: The Vampire Detective’s director and winner of the Best Director award.
  • Brian d'Lessey: Anna's husband. Brian used to work for a movie-financing business.
  • Edison Flax: Edison is one of Hollywood’s many agents. He is also Tom Speed’s agent.
  • Terry Ford: Terry has experience of over 100 movies, playing character roles. In The Vampire Detective Terry played “Hatch”, a bodyguard.
  • Charles Henderson-Plum: Charles played “Skipper Primley,” The Vampire Detective’s British villain.
  • Max McNab: Max plays bit-parts and is struggling to get into the big time. In The Vampire Detective Max played “Cop in Elevator”.
  • Jules Milton: Manager of Spangles Hotel, where the The Vampire Detective post-Skelly party is being held. Six years ago, Jules caused a fire that burned down three sound stages.
  • Kara Montague: Kara is a singer turned actress with a minor role (“Carmel Nightshade”) in The Vampire Detective.
  • Ghana Moon: Ghana is one of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters, and won a Skelly for The Vampire Detective.
  • Bernie Newman: Bernie has come to Hollywood to become a movie star.
  • Jack Simpson: Jack was originally signed up to act in The Vampire Detective, but was fired before filming started after Jack and Tom Speed had a blazing row.
  • Pip Slater: Pip is one of Hollywood’s many agents.
  • Jim Taylor: Jim both acts and produces. He was one of The Vampire Detective’s co-producers.
  • Bobby Treveeno: Bobby is an entertainer of the old school and can dance, act and sing. Bobby’s career, however, is in decline.
  • Les Tytan: Les is a mesmerist whose clients have included Charles Henderson-Plumb and Mel Cutter.
  • CJ Vasquez: One of The Vampire Detective’s co-producers.
  • Zara Vicars: Zara is a rich and successful Hollywood producer, and co-producer of The Vampire Detective. Zara is also Tom Speed's widow.
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