Highly Haunted Live

Highly Haunted Live

This game was run at Continuum 2016.

Basic information

Number of players: 14 (gender of most characters easily interchangeable or irrelevant).
Setting: A haunted house during a Live TV broadcast
Time to run: 3.5 -4 hours (including setup and debrief - actual game lasts for about 3 to 3.5 hours, unless something apocalyptic happens).
Space Requirements: Could work with a large room, though works better with several small spaces.
Author: CJR
Publisher: n/a

Cast of Highly Haunted Live

** Yvonne Dingfield, Presenter
** Rod Steel, Director
** Eric B. Gomorrah, Medium
** Prof. Richard Frenchman, Parapsychologist
** Monica Bride, Make Up & Wardrobe
** Dr. Katie King, Researcher
** Gregory Sykes, Audience Member & Spiritualist
** Dr. Ernest D'iablo Smith, Historian and Occultist
** Mercedes Maclaren, Paranormal Investigator
** Sally Onions, Producer
** Larry Dingfield, Cameraman
** Dr Ivan Leskenovitch, Ghostblaster
** Dr Marianne Spitzgel, Ghostblaster
** Dr David Lovecraft, Ghostblaster


We filmed (in theory) the first run, giving cameras out. The Live TV broadcast thing is a major part of the game so I would encourage this. The plan was to later make a short film of the best of the footage, so the "programme" actually existed. In reality so little usable footage was recorded before the characters destroyed Leicestershire that we didn't bother.

Many thanks are due to David Donne, who acted as a superb ghost and second referee for the run. He was fantastic! If you have children available to play the ghosts use them. :)

Reviews of First Run

Currently none…


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