Hotel Apollo Sigma

The Silver Star Corporation, owner of the galaxy-wide Starbound space liner fleet, is proud to present the “Galactic Inventions” conference at the grand opening of their Silver Star Lodge Hotel on the Friendship Space Station in the Apollo Sigma system.

The Friendship Station was built especially in this system to accommodate the historical peace conference between the Trans Worlds Republic and the representatives of the Gozon Empire. The station has since been acquired by the Silver Star Corporation and has now been converted to provide spacious and luxurious accommodation for conferences and tourists as well as a transit point for anyone travelling between the Republic and the Empire.

The Anniversary Conference provides an opportunity for representatives of both races to present details of their discoveries and inventions and to explore possibilities for collaborations and exploitations of “alien” knowledge.

The recent discovery of ancient ruins on the Apollo Sigma 3 planet which the Friendship Station orbits, has provided an additional topic of interest in the system and it is hoped that some information on the ruins will be presented at the conference. AS3 has a methane atmosphere and very little free water. There has been much speculation as to the type of being that could exist in such an environment.

Hotel Apollo Sigma is a freeform for 17 players. All the characters can be either male or female.

Cast of Characters

Hotel Staff:

Biff Blackstone - Human Hotel Manager

Zazoo - Gozon Conference Organiser

Chip Darkwater - Human Tour Guide

Gzim - Gozon Station Engineer


Ace Starfield - Human Tourist

Kroz - Gozon Tourist

Kip Skywriter - Human Ambassador

Ix - Gozon Ambassador

Lyllali - Llatu Ambassador

Flash Rockwell - Human Archaeologist

M'tixi - Gozon Archaeologist

Lex Duo - Human Biologist

Jet Jenson - Human Physicist

Xakxi - Gozon Botanist

Uzzam -Gozon Roboticist

Buzz Penrose - Human Psychologist

Alleelo - Llatu Biochemist

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