House of the Four Doors

House of the Four Doors

A Freeform set in the world of Ars Magica

It's twelve years since the events of Road to Blackthorn, and now 1233. This year the freeform finds us in the Rhine Tribunal, at Durenmar, where 12 Primi and 13 Regional Tribunal delegates are making decisions that will shape the very future of the Order of Hermes. Safe within the powerful Aegis of the Hearth, the delegates only face the threat of each others machinations and agendas. Yet this peace and security will not last long, and events force the magi to leave the safety of the Council Chamber and seek out the mystery of the House of the Four Doors - before catastrophe engulfs all.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 21
  • Setting: Durenmar, a covenant of wizards in the Black Forest
  • Time to run: 3.5 hours
  • Space Requirements: Large room
  • Author: CJR
  • Publisher: n/a

The Cast

Caecilius, Primus House Bonisagus, Praeco
Lucius, Primus House Guernicus, Presiding Quaesitor
Jon Arnsonn, Primus House Bjornaer -
Muscaria, Prima House Criamon -
Sir Garus, Primus House Flambeau -
Ebroin, Primus House Ex Miscellanea
Insatella, Prima House Mercere -
Stephan, Primus House Tremere -
Handri, Primus House Merenita-
Harpax, Primus House Tytalus? -
Buliste, Prima House Tytalus? -
Stouritus, Primus House Verditius-
Andru filius Astrolabe, Primus House Jerbiton-
Katarina Trianomae - Sheila Thomas
Balastor of House Criamon s
Urgen of House Bjornaer-
Gullu Ex Miscellanea
Phillipus Niger of House Guernicus
Sylvanus filius Agnes, of House Merinita-
Hygwald Veritas of House Tremere



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