Lost Souls

Set in 1923 in a hotel, nominally in Dudley, the players represent characters who have gathered for the reading of the will of a missing Colonel lost in an Amazon expedition.

Lost Souls was written by CJR and has run twice: initially with a group of people who had never played a freeform before, on location at the Station Hotel Dudley in July 2006, then at GENCON UK in August 2008.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 12
  • Setting: A town hotel in the 1920's
  • Time to run: 3-6 hours (including setup and debrief - actual game lasts for about 3-5 hours)
  • Space Requirements: At least one room, with space for players to go off and chat outside, and an outdoor or hotel environment for the "ghost hunt" section.
  • Author: CJR
  • GM's Required: 2-3 minimum
  • *Gender of Roles*:
  • Publisher: n/a

In September 1922 English explorer Colonel Reginald Warrenne-Hart set out to the Amazon basin to explore the jungles of one of the last great mysterious wildernesses on earth — some say to find the fabled Lost City of El Dorado. He jauntily few off inland in to the jungle in November, having sent a single telegram explaining he had put his affairs in order and left a will with his solicitor, just in case. he has not been seen since, and despite rescue expeditions he and his companions are lost, believed dead.

A year to the day after that last telegram his wife and other interested parties have gathered to hold a seance in a supposedly haunted hotel, not just to try and find peace for the spooks in the building, but also to try and contact the missing explorer. Owing to a mysterious fire which burned down the solicitors office, the will is lost — did the Colonel leave another copy? Why did he choose to go to the Amazon? And what secrest do the people gathered hold?

Lost Souls is a murder mystery style game, set in the year 1923 and played physically in a real haunted hotel, in costume, so should appeal to those who love dressing up and those who love ghosthunting! The game is for 12 players willing to enter in to the spirit of things, and dress the part, before setting out to have a great night ghosthunting in character. After the game a real ghost hunt will, of course, take place! Players will get to play with props, read letters, newspaper articles, and examine items as they try to piece together the mystery. Each player also gets a detailed unique character with a background, tellling them the secrets they know about the other characters, and explaining their goals and what they need to do to win…

The characters you can play include Edith, the colonel's grieving widow, the colonel's wayward son Charles, and beautiful daughter, Ethel. A surprise arrival is the Colonel's brother George, back from the United States, who has not been seen or heard from since he disappeared in 1912, believed lost with the Titanic!

Also present are Mrs Astrid Dexter, Society Medium, known for her exotic looks and ability to converse with the dead, who is conducting the seance, and her friends the noted author Mr E.D.Scrivens and pretty young psychical researcher Violet James. Faithful servant and bat man Tom Stephens, family solicitor Lionel Mason and noted hardnosed journalist Frank 'Pug' Brown are also present, as well as a surprise visit by an attractive young lady, Jane croft, with a startling secret! Finally the party is joined by noted stage actress and singer Ida Durant, fresh from the United States, who is playing at the Theatre opposite the hotel and who joins the seance at the last moment.

Cast of Lost Souls

  • Edith Warrene-Hart, Society Widow
  • Ethel Warrene-Hart, beautiful daughter
  • Charles Warrene-Hart, son & heir
  • Violet James, yong lady from the Society for Psychical Research
  • Astrid Dexter, famous Dutch medium
  • Tom Stephens, faithful manservant
  • George Warrene-Hart, long lost uncle
  • Jane Croft, mysterious East End beauty
  • E.D. Scrivens, author & psychical researcher
  • Ida Durant, popular American actress and songstress
  • Frank "Pug" Brown, muckraking tabloid journalist
  • Lionel Mason, Solicitor.


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