Basic information

  • Number of players: 70???
  • Setting: Venice, 1762 - during Carnivale
  • Time to run: a weekend
  • Authors: Mystery in Mind


Venice 1763: The Carnevale has begun and the city is swept in a myriad of colours as the celebrations take place. It is a time of magic where Venetians take to the streets dressed in lavish costumes, their identities concealed by masks of every different type, in order to indulge their greatest pleasures. Rules of society mean little in such a time of decadence and confusion. Personal identity, gender and status are no more than an ever-changing illusion that spreads through the deeply shadowed alleyways.


And yet a darker side slips beneath the lights and colours where the substance of nightmares lies in wait. War torn nations struggle in the search for power and wealth. Corruption and persecution roam free and evil walks unnoticed. Even the sanctity of religion may turn to the shadows, lured by false promises. Welcome to La Serenissima, where not all is as it seems.


Masquerade is a weekend long, freeform roleplaying game for approximately 70 players, set in Venice 1763 during the carnival. Players will assume the roles of both locals and visitors to Venice to experience its intrigue and mystery. Please note that the game has many dark themes and may even involve some aspects of horror and is therefore unsuitable for children.


Masquerade was run in February 2011. Here are some photos:

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