Midsummer Mischief

Midsummer Mischief is set in the 1930s world of the leisured upper-class as immortalised by P G Wodehouse. It is set at Blandings, a house in Shropshire where events are leading up to the annual summer fete.

Basic information

Malk Williams as Lady Julia Fish
  • Number of players: 25 (13 female, 12 male)
  • Setting: Blandings Estate in Shropshire, in the 1930s
  • Time to run: 4-5 hours (including setup and debrief - requires at least 3 GMs to run smoothly)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Authors: Nathan Gribble, Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Paul Snow

Complete game files

If you'd like to run the game, the files are here.




  • Lord Emsworth, JP: Clarence Threepwood, the ninth Earl of Emsworth and head of the household. Clarence has one brother and ten sisters. A magistrate.
  • Lady Constance Keeble: Lord Emsworth's sister.
  • Hon. Galahad Threepwood: Lord Emsworth's younger brother.
  • Hon. Freddie Threepwood: Lord Emsworth's younger son, engaged to Aggie Donaldson.
  • Lady Julia Fish: Sister of Lord Emsworth and mother of Ronnie
  • Lady Dora Garland: Sister of Lord Emsworth and mother of Pru.
  • Mr. Ronnie Fish: Nephew of Lord Emsworth, son of Lady Julia.
  • Miss Prudence (Pru) Garland: Niece of Lord Emsworth, daughter of Lady Dora.
  • Miss Veronica Wedge: Niece of Lord Emsworth, daughter of Col. Egbert Wedge and Lady Hermione Wedge.


  • Miss Niagara (Aggie) Donaldson: An American heiress, engaged to Freddie.
  • Miss Penny Donaldson: Niagara's younger sister.
  • Orlo, Lord Vosper: Son of the Duke of Dunstable.
  • Miss Myra Schoonermaker: An American heiress.
  • Miss Aline Peters: Myra Schoonermaker's companion.
  • Mr. Rupert Popjoy: Friend of Freddie.
  • Colonel Mustard Potts: Fete organiser
  • Miss Gloria Salt: Fiancée of Parsloe.
  • Mr. Tipton (Tippy) Plimsoll: American millionaire
  • Dame Daphne Winkleworth: Headmistress of a girl's school and mother of Huxley.
  • Master Huxley Winkleworth: Dame Daphne’s son.
  • Inspector Jervis of the Yard: A police inspector.


  • Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe, JP: Owner of Matchingham Hall. A magistrate.
  • Mr. Rupert Baxter: Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe's secretary.


  • Mr. Sebastian Beach: Head butler at Blandings Castle.
  • Mrs. Maudie Stubbs: Librarian at Blandings Castle.


Midsummer Mischief has been run several times, including:

  • Intercon M in New England (March 2013)
  • Fabulous Consequences 2012 at Naish near Bournemouth
  • Convulsion 2000 in Leicester
  • Intercon 14 in New England (March 1999)
  • August 1998, at the World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Furrytales - Short Stories, London June 1998


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