Old Nick's Game

A normal day in hell is progressing normally. The lake of fire is burning brightly. The screaming of the damned, as they fester in their assorted torment pits, rings refreshingly through the roiling steam. Satan has been turning the damned into a range of embarrassing or painful things, just to keep his hand in. But it is not really what he is looking for. It has all been done before and will keep happening for eternity. So what is the point of putting the effort in? Meanwhile everyone except Satan believes God is omniscient. However as Satan will tell you, he is really not so omni any more, as he prefers just to watch the cricket.

Old Nick’s Game is a game of philosophy and satire based loosely on the BBC Radio 4 comedy series Old Harry’s Game. Expect to uncover your deepest fears and have your expectations dashed.

The characters of Satan, other immortals and certain damned will be played by a cast of gamers. All other characters will be played by members of the cast.

A freeform for 10 players

Written by Charlie Paull, Alan Paull, Roger Gammans and Nick Hollingsworth

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