Once Upon A Lily Pad

The Frog Prince once ruled the kingdom with wisdom, justice and kindness, but he vanished mysteriously a few years ago and since then, things have changed. The fairy tale kingdom was left in disarray - and no one even got to go to the ball!

A freeform for 11 players (5 female, 3 male, 3 neutral) by Adrienne Gammons, John Kammar, Heidi Kaye, and Traci Whitehead.

Cast of Characters

Andre - the Giant
Blitzer MacTire - the Wolf
The Contessa Viola Conchetti - the Fairy Godmother
Don Douglas - the Father
Francis Bacon, aka Boss Hogg - the Pig
Gretchen Douglas - Goldilocks
Isabella Skye - Snow White
Jackie Miller - Jack
Kaspar - the Beast
Valerie Voight - the Stepmother
Winifred North - the Witch

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