Online Freeforms

With the arrival of 2020's coronavirus lockdown our freeform calendars have been abruptly cancelled - and this has meant that we have moved online in search of our freeforms.

Online freeforms present a number of challenges:

  • Which video chat system to use (Discord seems to be the best, but can be fiddly to set up).
  • You're unlikely to get full immersion from an online larp.
  • Allow plenty of time to get technical difficulties sorted out.

And while they aren't a full substitute for face-to-face play, they do have their advantages:

  • It's fairly easy to get a dozen or so people together to play a game online.
  • You can play in different timezones.

Also, some freeforms have now been designed to be played online.

Tips for Online Freeforms

Discord Tips

Discord is the most flexible system for freeforms - it would be nearly perfect if you could choose your video background. Here are some tips on using Discord.

Online Freeforms



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