Online Freeforms

With the arrival of 2020's coronavirus lockdown our freeform calendars have been abruptly cancelled - and this has meant that we have moved online in search of our freeforms.

Online freeforms present a number of challenges:

  • Which video chat system to use (Discord seems to be the best, but can be fiddly to set up).
  • You're unlikely to get full immersion from an online larp.
  • Allow plenty of time to get technical difficulties sorted out.

And while they aren't a full substitute for face-to-face play, they do have their advantages:

  • It's fairly easy to get a dozen or so people together to play a game online.
  • You can play in different timezones.

Also, some freeforms have now been designed to be played online.

Tips for Online Freeforms

Online Freeforms



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