Pelorian Song Contest

Set in 1621ST in Darjiin in Greg Stafford's fictional world of Glorantha, The Pelorian Song Contest sees contestants gather from all over the Lunar Empire to celebrate their unity & diversity in harmony with a song contest to celebrate the defeat of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass.

This game was run at Continuum 2012.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 14
  • Setting: Massos, a small and sinful town in the Darjiini Satrapy
  • Time to run: 2 hours
  • Space Requirements: Large room
  • Author: CJR
  • Publisher: n/a

By decree of the Red Emperor, the fleshpots of Massos in Darjiin will be the setting for a new competition to celebrate the unity and diversity of the Lunar Empire. Entitled "A Song for Peloria", bands and artistes from every constituent people of the Empire have been summoned to participate in the First Pelorian Song Competition!

A 2 hour Gloranthan 3rd age freeform, based on another infamous 'Eurovisi@n Song Contest', this light-hearted all singing all dancing game will actually include some singing and dancing in a Gloranthan setting. Exotic costume welcome, and no you don't have to sing if you don't want to — but if you want to mime or sing some of the worst songs ever written about this wonderful fantasy setting, this will be your chance!

A game of myth, magic, intrigue and third rate Pelorian pop set in the final days of a decadent empire, no knowledge of Glorantha is needed to play, but ear plugs may be! The Hero Wars were never meant to be like this…

Cast List

  • Jerontikus Brightspear – Pelanda - Contestant
  • Rurik the Biling – Talastar – Contestant
  • Senexdros - Dara Happa (Yuthuppa) – Contestant
  • Lady Atria Khornazelm - Dara Happan (Raibanth) – Contestant
  • Ansharg Arvan -Dara Happa (Alkoth) – Contestant
  • Lord Salazyar -Carmania – Contestant
  • Great Khan Joshgar – Hungry Plateau – Contestant
  • Moras Bluetooth of the Orindori Clan -Tarsh – Contestant
  • Lady Denegeria Vurazestyu - Lunar Court – Priestess of Teelo Norri &Contestant
  • Lunaris Varius Assiday – Lunar Court, Compère of the Song Contest
  • Ur-ShugPada - Darjinni – Shaman
  • EnnaBanda – Darjinni - Shamaness of SurEnSlib, Great Heron Spirit
  • Horatio Greenstone - Lunar - Agent of the Emperor
  • Festus - Lunar - Legatus to Massos



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