Preserving The Village

Olderton is a sleepy village somewhere in middle England, full of people who care about particular aspects of village life. None of them currently exist, nor do their families and friends, although the societies, clubs and special interest groups that they represent are defined and have their internal agendas lined up and ready to go. Together you will create these people using various workshop techniques (Picking Up the Pieces on a grand scale) and then find out how the village will evolve or not, under the pressure for change, and dance merrily or be dragged kicking and screaming into 1976!

The Scenario
It's 1975 and almost time for this year's cricket season, the next production from TOADS - The Olderton Amateur Dramatic Society - is about to go into rehearsal, and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Olderton's Womens' Institute is coming up fast!

The Party
Tonight one of the villagers is holding a Vicars and Tarts party for their birthday and the great and good (and even the bad) are all gathering to celebrate, with a glass of something and a sausage roll or two. Village politicking always comes up at these events and there is plenty to discuss!

What's not appearing in this game:
Children under 21
Ability Cards
Neighbourhood Watch
Time Travel
saying "For the Greater Good"

And there is absolutely No Walking On The Grass.

A freeform for 32 players.

Written by Graham Arnold, Andrea Civiera, Mo Holkar, Sue Lee, Michele Minett and Alison Rider-Hill.

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