Puck's Dell

An Ars Magica freeform game that is a) not set at a Hermetic Tribunal and b) focusses on a single covenant, named "Puck's Dell".

This game was run at Grand Tribunal 2010.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 25
  • Setting: Puck's Dell, a community of wizards living in a tower in the woods, and their neighbours and servants
  • Time to run: 5 hours
  • Space Requirements: 2-3 rooms
  • Author: CJR
  • Publisher: n/a

Things are peaceful in the Covenant of Puck's Dell, deep in the English countryside. Within the tower four Gifted magi make there home: Cedric of Verditius, Eleanor of Jerbiton, the enigmatic Geron of Bonisagus, rarely seen outside his lab, and the elderly and powerful Archmagus Cornelius of Bremen, a Mercere. Another maga Alice of Jerbiton is away on protracted business in the Theban Tribunal, but occasionally appears by magical means and communicates with her sodales.

Also present much of the time are two redcaps, “postmen” of the Order who travel from covenant to covenant carrying mail and goods: Stephen and Guido. Also present are the apprentices: Lugh, Cedric's wild spirited Irish apprentice, who shows a magical affinity with fire magics, and Boniface, a young man trained by Geron, and only just starting out in the ways of magic, and the oldest apprentice Axel of Mercere, another Gifted Redcap.

All are home today, for tonight is the Feast of the Founder, the night when three hundred years ago the covenant's founder Tyrone of Merinita defeated a powerful faerie in a riddling contest and took possession of the idyllic vale and it's powerful magical aura. A feast and a telling of the old stories, always take place on this night, by ancient custom.

The Covenfolk (servants) and Grogs (guards) are also present of course, as is Eleanor's mother the Lady of the manor Marguerite de Uley and her other daughter, Eleanor's twin Isabella de Uley, as well as two of her knights, Sir Pagan and Sir Robert, as well as the village priest Father Gerard.

The Covenfolk are headed by the unusually named Bobius Candlewick the Seneschal, who keeps the accounts, organises the stores and conducts all day to day dealing between he magi and the covenfolk, and Serjeant Blunt, commander of the grogs,and a great horseman. His best warrior is the muscular Great Henry, but he is always glad to have the cunning Alan of Winchcombe by his side. The head of the serbvants is the eccentric Black Tom, a skilled carpenter and builder who suffered a terrible tragedy which has left him strangely scarred. Only his friend Rufus the Chef is not unnerved by him these days.

The Feast of the Founder however traditionally involves unexpected guests turning up, and before the midnight hour comes round you can guarantee that many strange and odd events will come to pass. A visiting magus Hairy Breeks Ex Miscellanea is shock enough – but no one has ever seen a knight like Sir Pharisee, another visitor who has just arrived before. More welcome is Madeline the Fair, a travelling minstrel. Extremely unwelcome is the powerful noble, Baron Guy of Leeds, who has shown up like a bad smell.

The Public Information file on each character is here — http://gt10.ekkaia.org/page/Public_Information

Cast List

Marguerite de Uley
Sir Robert
Cedric of Verditius
Serjeant Blunt
Eleanor of Jerbiton
Isabella de Uley
Father Gerard
Hairy Breeks Ex Miscellanea
Alice of Jerbiton
Sir Pharisee
Great Henry
Bobius Candlewick
Geron of Bonisagus
Sir Pagan
Baron Guy of Leeds
Madeline the Fair
Alan of Winchcombe
Cornelius of Bremen
Stephen the (unhappy) Redcap
Guido the Redcap
Black Tom
Rufus the Chef
Axel of Mercere



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