Sail uncharted seas where the map says solely “Here be Pyrates!”, to the exotic Indies and join the privateers, pirates, smugglers and general dregs in the notoriously lawless port of Freetown! Seize power as the Pirate King, become the richest captain ever known, have fantastical adventures with your (un)trusty crew and hold your own with all the other blackguards as you carve a place in pirate legend.

Follow dead men’s tales to find undreamed of wealth, conduct daring sea battles and raids against your rivals, or rescue innocent hostages (for your own gain, naturally!). A pirate’s life is never dull and a lust for life and good living are as necessary as low cunning and simple greed.

Basic Information

  • Number of players: Around 60
  • Setting: The Caribbean, around 1720
  • Time to run: Weekend (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday Morning)
  • Space Requirements: Very Large room, Large Room and Two Medium Rooms
  • Authors: Julie Winnard, Adam Hayes, David Brain, Sue Lee and Jane Winter
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