Reading Between The Lines

It's World Book Night at Casterham branch library, and there's a gala party. Locals and dignitaries are celebrating the joy of reading: although some are uneasily aware that the future of the library itself hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, in the fabled Booklands, beloved characters have been weakening, thinning, even dissipating out of existence. What's causing this curse? And why does stopping it depend upon the events of tonight in one small, impoverished branch library?

An 18-player (2M 2F 14N) freeform by Mo Holkar and Cat Tobin set in a small English town in the present day.

Costuming – the characters are from normal modern world, but they themselves are supposed to be at World Book Night in costume, each as their favourite character from fiction. The players will have to choose themselves who this is.


Alex Daniels
A famous, if reclusive, local author of hard-hitting fiction, with a reputation for cynicism and meanness towards fans.

Stef Silver
The newly-installed manager of St Margaret’s library, making sweeping changes to how the library operates.

Terry Poole
A librarian in St Margaret’s library for forty years or more who knows everyone and everything about Casterham.

Taylor Marshall
A teenaged new recruit at St Margaret’s library, who’s known locally for being in frequent trouble with the police.

Bernie Thompson
A pensioner in St Margaret’s Home for the Elderly, parent of ‘Scratchy’ and letter-writer to the Chronicle.

Pat Bennett
A tough local councillor who has made a number of financially prudent but unpopular decisions since taking office.

Kim McIver
An easy-going and enthusiastic local councillor with a reputation for caring about the community.

Vincent Worboys
The conservative vicar at the local church, St Margaret and All Saints, for over thirty years.

George Donaldson
The newly-arrived deacon at St Margaret and All Saints, and an Adult Leader of the Mag Lights youth group.

P J Allerton
Journalist with the Casterham Chronicle, known for local interest stories and exposing wrongdoing.

Sam Baker
A local police officer, known for involvement with community outreach programs, particularly those involving young people.

Kyla Callaghan
An intelligent, studious teenager, member of the Mag Lights and volunteering as IT support at St Margaret’s library.

Derya Deniz
A pretty, popular teenager, member of the Mag Lights and daughter of chip-shop owner Turhan.

Jason Morganti
A streetwise teenager, considered one of the coolest in school, and member of the Mag Lights.

Turhan Deniz
Derya’s parent, the owner of the local chip-shop and famed for entertaining, long-winded stories about a distant homeland.

‘Scratchy’ Thompson
Owner of the local betting-shop and widely known to have fingers in a multitude of pies, some more legal than others.

Rahat Ali
Owner of the local corner shop who became an Adult Leader of the Mag Lights after the shop was repeatedly broken into.

Sacha Zonderland
A tourist visiting Casterham, keen to see how British book-lovers celebrate World Book Night.

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