Loosely set in medieval Japan in the late 16th Century.

The ruler of Japan, the Shogun, is dead. It is a time when Samurai warlords wrestle with each other and with the constraints of their own honour while attempting to seize power in Japan, employing both elegant Geisha and sinister Ninja in their cunning schemes. Foreign ambassadors fear any conflict will spread war across the Orient. The bureaucrats of the government, the Bakufu, are trying to quell unrest among the populace by harnessing the popularity of such figures as Actors and Sumo Wrestlers. In the meantime, the criminal gangs of the Yakuza seek to prey on the Merchant classes, who grow ever more wealthy. But the West has discovered Japan and their powerful weapons threaten to break apart Japanese society. Will the Portuguese retain their monopoly on trade with Japan or will Dutch merchants succeed in establishing a foothold? Will the arrival of the Protestants result in a schism in the Catholic Church of Japan? Or will the Shaolin monks persuade the new ruler of Japan to expel all foreigners?

Shogun ran for the first time in February 2018. A second run in the USA is scheduled for September 2020.

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Basic Information

  • Number of players: 72 (40 Male, 30 Female, 2 Neutral)
  • Setting: Medieval Japan
  • Time to run: Weekend (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday Morning)
  • Space Requirements: Very Large room, Large Room, and two Medium Rooms
  • Authors: Nathan Richards, Richard Salmon & Richard Perry. Additional material by Chad Brinkley & A.J. Smith

Cast of Shogun


  • Toyotomi Murasaki, Wife of the Shogun (f)
  • Toyotomi Hirohito, Son of the Shogun (m)
  • Sakamoto Jin, Head of the Imperial Bodyguard (m)
  • Fujiwara Mariko, the Imperial Astrologer (f)
  • Fujiwara Yoshi, the Imperial Physician (m)


  • Oda Ashigaru, Imperial Chancellor (m)
  • Miramoto Mori, Minister of the Centre (m)
  • Tokugawa Yabu, Minister of the Left (m)
  • Takeshi Motoko, Minister of the Right (f)
  • Fujiwara Mai, Keeper of the Imperial Archives (f)
  • Sano Ichiro, Imperial Magistrate (m)
  • Bayushi Kuro, Prefect of Edo City Gaol (n)
  • Ishida Kitsu, Prefect of the Imperial Police (m)
  • Kawasaki Tojo, Inspector in Imperial Police (f)
  • Takeshi Moru, Inspector in Imperial Police (m)
  • Matsu Kurosawa, the Fire Warden (m)
  • Tokiko, Collector of the Imperial Taxes (f)


  • Ishida Matsunari, Head of the Ishida Clan (m)
  • Ishida Kiri, Vassal of the Ishida Clan (f)
  • Tokugawa Ieyesu, Head of the Tokugawa (m)
  • Tokugawa Omi, Wife of Tokugawa Ieyesu (f)
  • Tokugawa Buntaro, Son of the Clan Leader (m)
  • Miramoto Akira, Head of the Clan (m)
  • Miramoto Fujiko, Wife of the Clan Leader (f)
  • Miramoto Yuki, Vassal of the Miramoto Clan (f)
  • Takeshi Hirima, Head of the Takeshi Clan (f)
  • Takeshi Mizu, Daughter of Takeshi Hirima (f)
  • Takeshi Wayu, Vassal of the Takeshi Clan (f)
  • Akodo Katagiri, Scion of the Akodo Clan (m)


  • Musasashi, a Ronin (formerly of the Azai Clan) (m)


  • Niohe Hojo, the Ambassador for Manchuria (f)
  • Zhang Juzheng, the Ambassador for China (m)
  • Hwang Yun-Gil, the Ambassador for Korea (n)
  • Sho-Nei, the Ambassador for the Isles of Ryuku (f)
  • Zheng Zhilong, the Ambassador for Dadu (m)


  • Tripitaka, Acting Abbot of the Shaolin Temple (m)
  • Koji, Keeper of the Temple Relics (m)
  • Hyuga Teiji, Chief Steward of the Temple (m)
  • Sanzang, Almoner of the Temple (m)
  • Yang Mia, the Shrine Maiden of the Temple (f)


  • Kiki, Mama-san of the Geisha House (f)
  • Chie-Chie, Geisha of the First Rank (f)
  • Fu-Fu, Geisha of the Second Rank (f)
  • Ai-Ai, Geisha of the Second Rank (f)


  • Kenko, the Sumo Wrestler (m)
  • Teoshi, the Sumo Wrestler (m)
  • Wakanami, the Sumo Wrestler (m)
  • Daishu, the Sumo Wrestler (m)


  • Chen, Leader of the Troupe (m)
  • Nobu, Manager, Costumier and Musician (f)
  • Minoru, Musician (f)
  • Otomo, Actor (m)
  • Shoji, Female Impersonator (m)


  • Yoritomo, Administrator of the Imperial Kou (m)
  • Kinyu, the Moneylender (m)
  • Satomi, the Pawnbroker (f)
  • Toda, Proprietor of the Sake House (f)
  • Shinjo, Bartender in the Sake House (m)
  • Ayako, the Paper Merchant (f)
  • Noboru, the Incense Merchant (f)
  • Hikari, the Tea Merchant (f)
  • Shimako, Sensei of the School Of Martial Arts (f)
  • Supaiku, Mistress of Wu Dang Mountain (f)


  • Father-Superior Jose Da Cunha, Catholic Priest (m)
  • Father Martin Alvito, Catholic Priest (m)
  • Father Rodrigo Mendoza, Catholic Priest (m)
  • Brother Diego, Catholic Priest-In-Training (m)
  • Don Juan De Ferreira, Captain of the Black Ship (m)
  • Vasco Rodrigues, Pilot of the Black Ship (m)
  • Doroteia Santos, the Trade Factor (f)
  • John Blackthorne, Pilot of the Erasmus (m)
  • Reverend Pieter Van Nekk, Protestant Priest (m)


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