The Siege Of Troy

Set in the city of Troy and the surrounding plains during the final year of the Greek Siege.

Welcome to a time when the capricious and whimsical Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus sport with the fates of mortals as with playing pieces in a game of chance, wagering fortunes on but a single roll of the dice.
This is a time when two empires, Greece and Troy, contend in mighty struggle ‘gainst one another in the name of Helen, she whose face has launched a thousand ships.
It is a time when Heroes strive to tame the wild and savage beasts that plague the lands of the known world and to pit themselves against one another in both war and sport alike that their deeds might be remembered for aeons yet to come.
It is a time when Priests who can foretell the future are rivals for earthly power and the spread of their religions and who will invoke the wrath of the Immortals upon the unbeliever.
It is a time when Sorceresses scheme and mutter incantations of arcane power to exert their will over stubborn and blood-spattered men.

The Siege of Troy was the first weekend freeform of its style written by a UK team and was last run in November 2004.

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Basic information

  • Number of players: 58
  • Setting: The Siege of Troy
  • Time to run: Weekend (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday Morning)
  • Space Requirements: Very Large room, Large Room and Medium Room
  • Authors: Nathan Richards, Richard Salmon, Richard Perry & Nickey Barnard

Cast of The Siege of Troy

The Gods

  • Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and wife of Haephestus
  • Apollo - The ‘Far Darter’. The God of Music and Prophecy
  • Ares - God of War, Strife and Conflict
  • Artemis - The ‘Huntress’. The Virgin Goddess of Nature and Wild Beasts
  • Athene - Virgin Goddess of Truth, Wisdom and the Arts
  • Hades - Lord of the Underworld and the Dead
  • Haephestus - The Artificer God and Patron of Blacksmiths and Artisans
  • Hecate - Goddess of Magic, Protector of Children and Guardian of Tartarus
  • Hera - Goddess of Marriage and Fertility and wife of Zeus
  • Hermes - The Messenger of the Gods and Patron of Travellers and Heralds
  • Poseidon - Lord of the Sea and Patron of Traders and Merchants
  • Zeus - Supreme Ruler of the Gods, Lord of the Sky and husband of Hera

The Immortals

  • Cheiron - King of the Centaurs
  • Pan - Satyr
  • Prometheus - A Titan

The Greeks

  • Agamemnon - Supreme Commander of the Greek Host and King of Mycenae
  • Ajax - High Priest of Ares
  • Calchas - High Priest of Zeus
  • Castor - Prince of Sparta
  • Clytemnestra - High Priestess of Hera
  • Hermione - High Priestess of Athene
  • Menelaus - King of Sparta
  • Neoptolemus - Young Greek Warrior
  • Nestor - King of Pylos
  • Odysseus - King of Ithaca
  • Orestes - Prince of Mycenae
  • Philoctetes - Greek foot-soldier and archer
  • Pollux - Prince of Sparta
  • The Unknown Warrior

The Trojans

  • Andromache - High Priestess of Aphrodite
  • Cassiopea - High Priestess of Artemis
  • Hector - Prince of Troy
  • Hecuba - Queen of Troy
  • Helenus - High Priest of Hades
  • Paris - Prince of Troy
  • Priam - King of Troy

The Neutrals

  • Aeetes - King of Colchis
  • Aegeus - King of Athens
  • Antimone - Former Slave and Wife of Autolycus
  • Atalanta - Queen of Arcadia
  • Autolycus - High Priest of Hermes
  • Calliope - Noblewoman from Corinth
  • Cinyras - King of Cyprus
  • Creon - High Priest of Haephestus
  • Dido - High Priestess of Poseidon
  • Heracles - Son of Zeus
  • Hippolyte - Exiled Queen of the Amazons
  • Jason - King of Corinth
  • Jocasta - Queen of Thebes
  • Medea - High Priestess of Hecate
  • Midas - King of Phrygia
  • Minos - King of Crete
  • Nicodemus - A wandering mercenary
  • Oedipus - King of Thebes
  • Orpheus - High Priest of Apollo
  • Penthesilia - Queen of the Amazons
  • Sisyphus - Nobleman from Corinth
  • Tantalus - King of Sipylos
  • Theseus - Prince of Anthaea
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