Something Wicked

A 32 player game first run at Consequences Gothic by CJR.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 32
  • Setting: A fairground in London, 1888
  • Time to run: 2.5 hours (including setup and debrief - actual game lasts for about 2 hours)
  • Space Requirements: Large room
  • Author: CJR
  • Publisher: n/a

First run at Consequences Gothic to very mixed reviews on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, this 32 player game involves time travel elements which were concealed from most players until the game began (usually a mistake ~cj). Hugh and [[CJR]] GM'd.

Cast of Something Wicked

  • Dr. John Dee, Elizabethan Magus
  • Edward Kelley, Alchemist & Rogue
  • The Spirit Arial
  • Ada Lovelace, Mathematician
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Artist
  • Florence Nightingale, Nurse
  • Lady Susan, Courtier
  • Bertie, Prince of Wales
  • Isabella Bird, Travel Writer
  • Dr. Barnardo, Philanthropist
  • Nancy, Good Gal
  • Bill, Pimp
  • Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter
  • Dr. Rosina Despard, Physician
  • Jonathan Harker, Solicitor
  • Mina Harker, Teacher
  • Sherlock Holmes, Detective
  • Alfred Russel Wallace, Scientist
  • Hertha Marks Ayrton, Scientist
  • Eleanor Jourdain, Lecturer
  • Miss Moberley, Principal of Oxford College
  • Lillian Lenton, Suffragette
  • The Doctor, Time Traveller
  • Dion Fortune, Occultist
  • Dafo, Witch
  • Aleister Crowley, Occultist



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