Starboard Home

An experimental game set on the SS Star of Bengal in 1926, just leaving India for England, for 11 players. The game is created from a random set of plots, personalities and abilities divided between the characters so that it is different each time it is run. All of the characters can be either male or female.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 11
  • Setting: The SS Star of Bengal in 1926
  • Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Medium room
  • Authors: Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton and Donald Oddy (written at Peaky in June 2007).

Character List

  • Jonathan Tennant / Mary Tennant - global industrialist
  • Jean DuPres - retired detective
  • Khazaar Maali - spiritualist
  • Mabel/Alfred Henderson - reporter the London Times
  • Rupert/Hilda Fotheringay-Hyde - upper-class dilettante
  • Doctor Campbell - medical doctor
  • Arthur/Daphne Munroe - explorer
  • Professor Jones - professor at Imperial College, London.
  • Franklin/Lily Tresham - actor
  • Richard/Rachel Stoner - solicitor
  • Sir Maurice/Lady Sylvia Walpole - British diplomat
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