The Accused

Five years ago at the Old Bailey, you were involved in a trial at which Thomas Clifford of Battersea was convicted of the manslaughter of Russian trade representative Yuri Kirilenko, committed while breaking into the luxurious and exclusive Marlow Lodge Country Club.

Now, the daughter of the late judge - a journalist - has contacted you with some questions about the trial, and asked you to meet her at the Marlow Lodge Country Club.

A freeform for ten players, written by Graham Arnold, Tracy Bose, Mo Holkar, Sue Lee, and Cat Tobin.

Cast list

Bryan Howard, bank manager and juror
Charles Wilford-Berry, country gentleman and juror
Clare Sparrow, biscuit manufacturer and juror
Cynthia Turner, socialite and juror
Dr Evelyn Thornton, pathologist
Marianne Forester, daughter of the late Judge Forester
Natasha Browne, hostess at the Marlow Lodge Country Club
Sir Neville Bell, senior civil servant and juror
Quentin Fitzwilliam QC, barrister
Reginald Grey, court stenographer

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