The Big List Of Plots

Freeform Plotline Compilation for Authors

A compilation of possible freeform plotlines from the uk-freeform list:


  • Someone has an item, someone else wants it
  • Change-Chains
  • item found/lost/bought
  • more of the same items
  • original and forgery,
  • resource management (money)
  • auction
  • broken item (someone has inadvertently broken something precious to someone else)

Solve the mystery/puzzle/riddle (cooperative/competitive)

  • What-the-hell-is-going-on?!
  • Find the ritual
  • decode something (message, ritual, diary)
  • do the ritual
  • completing a journey (marooned on an island and must work together to get back home)
  • trapped (someone is looking for a means to escape, someone doesn't want anyone to leave)
  • the End of the World (prevent a catastrophe that will kill everyone, responsible for the catastrophe, chance to save themselves.)


  • different (secret) goals
  • different (secret) groups
  • apply for membership
  • vote for a new leader
  • Gaining power or stopping someone gain power / Ambition
  • arranging political alliances
  • Trial
  • Espionage / Infiltration
  • search for secret information
  • Protection Racket (new customers, law and order, victims)
  • New Business (wants to set up a new business. someone opposes this)
  • contest
  • The Puppet (someone is a weak leader and the real power is wielded by someone else)


  • revenge
  • the affair
  • romance/weddings/marriages
  • Clearing your name of a false accusation
  • Keeping something hidden (secret, scandalous past, crime) * does not motivate to play/talk/etc !!!
  • Debts of honour/cash
  • Romeo and Juliet (deeply in love, Unfortunately they need to keep this love secret. Sadly, someone knows)
  • love child (someone is the love child of someone else who is married, but not to the other parent)
  • Ill (somoene is terminally ill and will die soon. They will do anything for a cure. someone needs something from them before they die)
  • Big Mistake (someone has made some kind of mistake, they wish to rectify the mistake. someone knows about the mistake, another has a means of dealing with the mistake, and another will act against the main character if they learn of the mistake.)
  • Heresy/Belief/Quest (someone holds a belief that is exactly opposed to someone else)
  • Pretender (is either a) not who they say they are, or b) not responsible for whatever it is they're taking credit for)
  • Impress Me (approval to marry, a promotion, a reference, release of inheritance or trust)
  • lost/abandoned children/relatives/friends/enemies
  • someone have been thought dead
  • Identical twins separated at birth
  • previously unknown powers/abilities/authority
  • lost memory


  • Thief
  • Fortune * telling
  • preparing an event
  • events
  • fax/telephone
  • marking
  • poisoning
  • Deadline (deadline that means that the freeform will end at a particular point: trains arriving, boats docking, parties ending, day dawning)
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