The Dying Of The Light

The earth is teetering on the brink of ecological disaster and only the corporations who de facto rule the world are able to do anything to save it. But in this high powered atmosphere of shifting allegiances, AIs, clones, cults, pleasure houses and ruthless mercenaries, is the fate of the world an important enough reason to be able to work together? The game takes place at the Omega Conference, in the year 2112. The conference has been called to try and defuse the tensions between some of the key power brokers while attempting to find solutions to the ecological dangers threatening the world – all have agreed to meet at a neutral location. However, the crops are dying, the Microbot BeezTM are swarming, the End of the World has been declared by religious groups (at least twice), there are rumours of signals from space (or is it the future), while the new virtual game of Rollerball is reputed to actually kill people. Does it really matter though, when you can order your own clone, reprogram a loved one's personality to order or get high on someone else's insanity? Anything can be bought or sold in this brave new world - including the future. For a price.

Written by Nickey Barnard, Richard Evans, Rachael Hodson, Alli Mawhinney, Tym Norris and Mike Snowden for 25 players

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