The Highgate Club

The Highgate Club is an exclusive club for those who live extra-ordinary lives.

The Highgate Club overlooks Highgate cemetery, and membership is by invitation only. Its membership supposedly includes witches, warlocks, immortals and vampires - but nobody really knows for sure. (It is considered impolite to inquire.)

The club is presided over by three senior members, Commodore Ed Crouch, Kensington Hammersmith and Tris St James and, generally known as the “inner circle”. Other senior members are known affectionately as the “outer circle”. Anyone else is an ordinary member.

Inner Circle

  • Commodore Ed Crouch, Royal Navy. The Commodore is one of the Highgate Club’s longest serving members.
  • Kensington Hammersmith, art history student and young Conservative.
  • Tris St James, a geologist employed by Imperial College.

Outer Circle

  • Dr Vic Bethnall, head of St Opelia’s Children’s Hospital and specialist in children’s blood diseases. Vic was previously a member of the inner circle. Tris replaced Vic seven years ago. Vic's health is suffering.
  • Lambert, French historian and dealer in antiquities.
  • Richmond “Richie” Upton, a very wealthy and very respectable hedge fund manager at Hackney Empire Associates Inc.

Ordinary Members

  • Ash Howell, a bass player in Pickaxe, an indie band.
  • Gabe Islington, a lawyer and senior partner at Islington and Castle LLP.
  • Harry Morden, Professor of History at Imperial College.
  • Alex Wormwood, senior journalist with the London Times newspaper.
  • Sam Bexley, recently discharged from the Royal Marines, has recently started a security firm, providing specialist security for the stars.
  • Henley Temple, a stage magician and rarely seen at the Highgate Club.

Potential Members

  • Charlie Finch, owner of a used car emporium in Finchley.
  • Green Parks, head gardener at the Highgate Cemetery.


Savoir Faire cards: you give these to another player when you are impressed by something they do or say. This could be resolving a plot, fulfilling a destiny, foiling a conspiracy, some fine acting, or simply something they have done that has made the game enjoyable for you. If somebody else does something amazing, you are welcome to “pass on” any savoir faire cards that you have been given. We hope you will hand out your savoire faire cards during the course of the game.

NPCs: The following are non-player characters:

  • Mycroft Holmes - elderly Outer Circle member of the Highgate Club, recently deceased.
  • Tamara Richardson - Outer Circle member of the Highgate Club, unable to attend tonight.

The Highgate Club was written at Peaky 2010 by Philippa Dall, Steve Hatherley, Alan Paull, Adrian Smith, Mark Steedman and Cat Tobin. Additional post-Peaky development by Steve.


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