The Last Gasp

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1899. George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, has lead a wicked and dissolute life. His past is finally catching up with him and, eager to keep out of reach of the law, he is planning to flee abroad. Before he goes, he is holding one final party: 'The Last Gasp'. Invited to it are all the people to whom his appalling behaviour has brought the most grief and heartache, and it is rumoured that even Queen Victoria herself might make an appearance.

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Basic information

  • Number of players: 14 to 40
  • Setting: Going away party for George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, on New Years Eve 1899

Cast of "The Last Gasp"

  • Several relatives of the host, household staff, friends and enemies of the host and the family, possibly Queen Victoria.


  • Reviewer: Petter Olsen, additional comments by Michaela Aschan
  • GM: Petter Olsen
  • Michaela's role in game: Dr. Hammer
  • Venue: Fairly big private house in Tromsoe, Norway (our regular venue)
  • Game played: December 31st 2006
  • Participants: 26
  • Petter's rating: 4 (of 5)
  • Michaela's rating: 4 (of 5)
  • Our experience: We played this on New Years Eve with two 11-year old girls and some older teenagers participating, as well as a very active 90-year old woman who was a shoe-in for the role of Queen Victoria. We took away the Queen's aide character, and wrote special roles for the two girls (twins with dead mother who used to be in the service of the Queen, and unknown father) as go-betweens for any contact with the Queen. This all worked out very well; the girls in particular had great fun trying to work out who their father might be, and the secret fatherhood also added some story and plot to an otherwise fairly peripheral character in the game. There were quite a few first time players in our game, and some of our 'regulars' were otherwise engaged, which gave the game a strange feel. Also, many people have expectations for New Years Eve, and these are not necessarily easy to combine with a larp, even if the larp takes place on New Years Eve. We gave key roles to most of our first-timers, and some of them had great fun, where as others were stuck in roles where they just would not (or could not) do what the role required. Overall it was still great fun, and the musical instruments in particular provided great atmosphere for the game. We would definitely recommend the game, but make sure that the people who are involved are motivated to play, which for us means that in retrospect it was probably a mistake to try and combine the game with an actual New Years Eve celebration.
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