The Marshenge Project

It is 21st September 1940 and above the skies of Britain, the Battle of Britain is raging. Tomorrow, Woodwych Manor, in the sleepy Norfolk village of Woodhenge, is hosting a Top Secret conference with important consequences for the war effort.

Tonight, however, Lord Woodwych is throwing a party for his guests and the villagers.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 22
  • Setting: Marshenge, in Norfolk
  • Time to run: 3 hours (including setup and debrief)
  • Space Requirements: Large-ish room
  • Authors: Jenny Andersson, Kath Banks, Philippa Dall, Martin Ellis, Rei England, Roger Gammons, Hanbury Hampden-Turner, Steve Hatherley, Su Jolly, Heidi Kaye, Tony Mitton and Janet Young (written at Peaky in April 2009).


Locals from Marshenge

  • Mrs Bailey – Woodwych Manor’s housekeeper.
  • Diggory Bulstrode-Smythe, Lord Woodwych – owner of Woodwych Manor and part of Marshenge Home Guard.
  • Reginald Bulstrode-Smythe – son and heir of Diggory Bulstrode-Smythe and has recently returned to Woodwych Manor, having been invalided out of the RAF.
  • Felicity Bulstrode-Smythe – daughter of Lord Diggory Bulstrode-Smythe, recently returned from finishing school in Brighton and helping organise food supplies for the war effort.
  • Beatrice Fairclough – Marshenge’s postmistress.
  • Terry Fitz-Smythe – Marshenge’s enterprising “spiv”, originally from London.
  • Arthur Potts – Marshenge’s baker.
  • Pat Ripper – Publican of the Bull’s Head and member of Marshenge’s Home Guard.
  • Rev. Michael Verdant – Vicar at St Peter’s in the Marsh, Marshenge’s only church. Rev Verdant is also an amateur historian.
  • Dr Hilary Watt – Marshenge’s doctor.
  • General Cuthbert Whitelock – Retired Great War General and member of the Marshenge Home Guard.

Guests from London

  • Kim Angellus – Dapper civil servant with a reputation for friendly efficiency.
  • Alex Barnsley – Works in the government information department, dealing with communications and propaganda.
  • Sam von Braun – Professor von Braun is one of the world's foremost experts on nutrition and microbiology.
  • Leslie Carruthers – An enthusiastic upper class well-dressed young gentleman, who seems to be everywhere, but never gets anything done.
  • Lee Clark – Le Clark is the leader of the national home guard and a decorated hero from the first world war who is highly respected for their knowledge of logistics and operations.
  • Danny Daring – Danny Daring was an explorer and adventurer prior to the war.
  • Charlie Smith – Charlie Smith runs and owns a large grocers shop in London.
  • Lou Lovelace – Lou Lovelace is an agricultural botanist, expert on the most modern farming techniques.
  • Hillary von Neumann – A secretary and translator in the Ministry of Food.
  • Dr Tracey Spink-Nottle – Government statistician, chess champion and occasional cross-word compiler for the Times.
  • Gabriel Spinoza – Originally famous as a mountaineer, Gabriel Spinoza fled to Britain from Mussolini's regime ten years ago.


The Marshenge Project was written in two halves at Peaky in 2009. A team of 12 writers was split into two sub-teams of six, each writing half of the game (one team writing the locals, the other writing the guests). A core group of four (two from each team of six) were responsible for overall coordination and cross-linking of the two halves.

The main reason for doing this was so that 8 of the original authors coudl actually play in the game (taking a character from the half that they didn't write).

The overall result was a bit patchy in places, but wouldn't take a huge amount of effort to improve. In that way, it's no different to the other Peaky games, and it means we did write a game for 22 players.

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