The Order

1930 has been a tragic year. A series of disasters have killed thousands, wounded more and done millions of pounds of damage around the world. Disease and famine have followed closely in the wake of the previous disasters. The winter sea ice in the Baltic has not melted and is now approaching the shores of Germany; icebergs crowd the shipping lanes between Europe and America. Against this background, the Order come together for their annual meeting on a dirigible hanging above the ice-laden Atlantic. Their leader has died and they need to find a replacement before they arrive in Iceland to try to save the world once again.

1930s Pulp for 12 players.

Written by Kath Banks, Roger Gammans, Heidi Kaye, Sue Lee, Alison Rider-Hill and Mark Steedman.

NOTE - we did something a bit different with this one and decided to write the characters without caring too much about plot. There is an absolute intention that these characters will be going forwards into another game, which will have plot and stuff like that!

Cast List

Anniika Karvonen: Finnish climatologist and explorer known for leading an expedition to the South Pole in 1924.

Brigadier Edgar Abbott: British army in India. A ‘lead from the front’ explorer whose first solution to problems is to shoot them.

Fraser Campbell: Known for his ability to lash an engineering solution together using whatever is to hand, whether it be a teaspoon or a radio tube. Has a rocket backpack.

Dakota Thompson: A ruggedly dashing archaeologist, more comfortable exploring a lost city or excavating a pyramid than back in his university lecture theatre.

Greta Bohrman: A brilliant young academic archaeologist, specialising in ancient cultures, who has recently been seconded into the German military.

Ilsa Kaufman: A Swiss academic explorer, sailor and mountaineer who travels in style wherever she goes.

John Brown: A nondescript-looking man until he gets enthusiastic about a cause at which point he is set on fire. Sometimes he mutters in Arabic.

Liesl Baer: An Austrian academic, linguist and writer. Also a noted mountaineer, being the first woman to conquer the Matterhorn.

Lord Ralph Howard: British aristocrat and a champion for fairness and justice. Has intervened in many legal cases and used his skills as a detective to avoid injustice.

Olga Sklodowski: An émigré Russian Jew. Youngest woman in Russia ever to achieve a Physics degree; then qualified as a vet specialising in unusual animals.

Nandika Porter: A Nepalese ex-circus performer who now runs an exotic trading company. She is known to be concerned with animal welfare.

Professor Gordon McAllister: His family money are the founding force behind the order. Professor of Oceanography at the University of Stirling.

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