The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a larp/freeform that had its first run at Consequences G, 22nd November 2013.

In it, we wanted to use some of the conventions and techniques of Nordic larp to deepen and intensify players' emotional experiences of the game.

Because the authors are British and Irish, and the players were a mix of British, Dutch, American and Danish, this is not an 'officially' Nordic game. But we hope that gamers from that tradition will recognize it as drawing upon their work and contextualizing it for a different gaming culture.


Every town has some of them: the outsiders. Bunches of kids who hang around together all the time, who don't fit; who don't belong. Maybe it's the clothes they wear, or the kind of music that they like. Ordinary people think they're troublemakers: and sometimes, they are. Boredom and being misunderstood will do that. What's for sure is, they've only got each other to turn to, to trust, to love, to share with – and maybe to hate, to fear, to dominate. And then one day, they run across another group of outsiders. How will their encounter change their lives?

Early 1980s, Sheffield. Thatcher’s Britain. Millions out of work. A decrepit block of council flats on the outskirts of the city. One of the flats is vacated – an empty space, in the neutral zone between two territories. Two groups move in on the flat, to try and take it over. This is the story of what happens next.

The Outsiders is an experimental game, and is not designed like a traditional theatre-style freeform. The characters are merely outline sketches, and the players themselves will choose and design some aspects of their characters in a workshop during the game session. Nor are there plots and secrets within the game; the players themselves will create most of the story during pre-game workshops, with the GMs in a mostly facilitating and assisting role.


Cat Tobin & Mo Holkar


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