The Tribunal Of The Borders

The Tribunal of the Borders 1221

A Freeform set in the world of Ars Magica

The year is 1221 and a special Tribunal has been called in an attempt to resolve the large number of claims and counter claims between the covenants along the borders of the Loch Leglean and Stonehenge tribunals. Magi from Horsingas, Garg Clack, Airgead Lon and Samhach Doire have come from Loch Leglean and some representatives from Eagleburn and Burnham in Stonehenge. The principal business will be an attempt to resolve the claims and counter claims made between the covenants. To determine which are spurious and which the accused are truly guilty of. It is anticipated though that other matters will come up.

Basic information

  • Number of players: 25
  • Setting: A Tribunal meeting of English and Scottish magi
  • Time to run: 3.5 hours
  • Space Requirements: Large room
  • Author: Mark Steedman
  • Publisher: n/a

The Cast

Garg Clack (Savage Stone) covenant:

Is organised as a highland clan with a strong turb of savage warriors. The magi tend to be rough and warlike and have a reputation deserved or not for raiding.

Aimil, Ex Miscellanea, Garg Clack
More reserved member of a rough covenant with some non hermetic abilities. Still a highlander though brought up to enjoy having a good time.

Erbhlim, Ex Miscellanea, Garg Clack
Non Hermetic magician interested in the human mind. Highly independent survivor who travels the dangerous wilds of the highlands. Not someone that likes to follow others.

Iomher, Ex Miscellanea, Garg Clack
Elementalist known for studying all of the elements and offensive magic's. A lot less keen on getting into trouble than some and prefers study and refinement.

Morris, Ex Miscellanea, Garg Clack
Highland warrior who has been trained by a member of Ex Miscellanea. Dresses as a warrior and has a reputation for being fierce. Leader of Garg Clack.

Raibeart, Ex Miscellanea, Garg Clack Robert Bateman
Highlander with an interest in the dead who has been trained as a non hermetic Necromancer by a member of Ex Miscellanea. Raibeart professes to be a scholar but seems quite at home in the rough surroundings of Garg Clack.

Burnham covenant:

Is a stone built motte and bailey castle located in north eastern England. It is in generally good repair and although the walls are fairly plain they are crenulated and grogs stand guard.

The bailey contains the living quarters of the coven folk and craftspeople while the magi’s laboratories and chambers are located within the keep.
Has connections with the nobility to allow it to have fortifications without hassle.

Aindread, Ex Miscellanea, Burnham
Hermetically trained member of the house with an interest in studying magical sites. In favour of the punishment of unruly wizards so that the code abiding may pursue magical studies in peace.

Pontius, Flambeau, Burnham
Solid and energetic member of house flambeau and though somewhat mellowed with age still keen on burning things. Believed to be reasonably level headed but quite prepared to indulge in large amounts of fire when the opportunity presents itself.

Scintilla, Flambeau, Burnham Sheila Thomas
A researcher into the intricacies of the art of Ignem. Not as brash as many Flambeau but Scintilla has an interest in law and order and the fire magic to back up enforcement. Rumoured to equate renounced magi with magical treasure.

Turtina, Guernicus, Burnham Nick Meredith
A serious and diligent Queasitor. Has a number of personal interests and objectives but tends to keep these close to the chest.

Eagleburn covenant:

Is based around a well fortified stone manor house. This serves as a lords hall when required as a cover but is generally the home of the main council chamber, covenant library in the ‘Lords quarters’ and stores.
Around are gathered the workshops of the covenants crafts folk and the stone building housing the magi’s laboratories.
A covenant that tends to keep a quiet and low profile while maintaining good relations with its neighbours.

Arathain, Ex Miscellanea, Eagleburn
A reasearcher who likes to spend his time understanding the intricacies of the human mind. Known to like to see justice done but to the right magi. A magus who would like to unleash the Flambeau but set a precedent for aiming them at the truly guilt not letting them run rampant marching whoever they like on dodgy accusations.

Focus, Flambeau, Eagleburn
Typical Flambeau Magus with a rash and flamboyant demeanour and a love of fire magic. Focus has strong offensive magic and is the sort of soul one thinks of when the words Flambeau and hoplight are mentioned in the same sentence.

Indicum, Guernicus, Eagleburn
A traditional member of house Guernicus and experienced Queasitor. Know for enforcing the code, being fair and having an interest in 'doing something about the Loch Leglean situation'.

Samhach Doire (Silent Grove) covenant:

Is based around a collection of five turf roofed buildings in a secluded valley. A small grove grows in the valley by the covenant and has inspired the covenants name.

Life is generally quiet and there are few visitors. The grog turb is small but well trained and moderate for a group of highland warriors.

Ceif, Merinita, Samhach Doire
In many ways Ceif comes across as a typical member of house Merinita, interested in the fay, and often visiting said, and a master of imagonem.
Ceif is believed to be in favour of the rule of law and the protection of the seclusion of Samhach Doire.

Donncadh, Ex Miscellanea, Samhach Doire Andrew Sceats
A wanderer with an interest in the earth. Donncadh is a practical soul who travels prepared for trouble but prefers to spend his time studying the bounty of the earth, mainly minerals but other things as well.

Peador, Bjornaer, Samhach Doire Kirstie Sceats
Mystic member of house Bjornear interested in the mysteries of the Heartbeast. Has a stag for a Heartbeast. Know to dislike Horsingas.

Horsingas covenant:

Is located in the boarders region between Loch Leglean and Stonehenge. The covenant affiliation is Loch Leglean while mundanely the area is wild boarder country.

The covenant is generally considered as a base for the magi to study and the turb of grogs to go raiding from.
Home to the presiding Queasitor of Loch Leglean the covenant has a reputation for doing what it likes.

Coenwulf Eofurcumbal, Bjornaer, Horsingas
A rough highland magus with a boar for a Heartbeast and a love of raiding.

Ealwynn of Keswick, Bjornaer, Horsingas
A wild Magus interested in the mysteries of the Heartbeast. Hates the Normans with good cause due to past events and is decidedly in favour of 'solve problems first, research later but do get round to that research'.

Giueppe Del Mato, Flambeau, Horsingas
Giueppe was born in Italy but has travelled extensively. Giueppe hates the Normans for events while travelling Europe in the past. Has been known to help the Queasitor Whitburn so may have a subtler side than many Flambeau.

Sir Edward of Hexham, Tytalus, Horsingas
Born and raised as a noble warrior. Sir Edward lost a quarrel with a Norman lord, had to flee England and then got apprenticed to a Tytalus having already acquired a good challenge. Known to be keen on challenges, both winning them and setting them.

Sir Jehan of Surrey, Jerbiton, Horsingas Andrew Oakley
Nobleman with an ongoing feud with the Normans who has embraced the gift for magic. Takes a somewhat more diplomatic and measured approach to issues than some in Loch Leglean.

Whitburn Frithowebba, Guernicus, Horsingas
Presiding Queasitor of Loch Leglean. In a good powerful position and known to dislike Normans Whitburn has every reason to want to see things go on as they are. Whitburn's real opinions on law and order are a matter of debate by many. There are no shortage of magi found guilty of hermetic crimes following Whitburn's investigations but rumours persist.

Airgead Lon covenant

A small collection of buildings located by a stream in a meadow, The meadow is wild with flowers every spring and grazed by the covenants cattle.
Apart from a few grogs dressed as highland warriors and armed with swords, axes and dirks it is a scene of peace and tranquillity in a beautiful and secluded valley.

Eideard, Ex Miscellanea, Airgead Lon
A Gruagach who has joined the order of Hermes. Eideard is interested in shapeshifting, gifts and curses. Know to dislike the amount of raiding and flagrant code breaching going on in Loch Leglean.

Martu, Merinita, Airgead Lon
Martu is often seen as a typical member of house Merinita, known for illusions, liking the fay and with a tendency to get involved in fun and games just like many of the fay. Thought to be interested in the rule of law but also thought to be a more complex soul than initial appearances may suggest.

Mungan, Jerbiton, Airgead Lon
Child of a local Chieftain and spends a lot of time pursuing diplomacy with the local lords and chieftains. Mungan's magical interests are a good question as far as most people are concerned.

Ronald, Ex Miscellanea, Airgead Lon
Wanderer of the natural world with a wide ranging interest in spells that assist such. Known for being friendly towards most magi.



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